Wednesday Shares: IKEA HACKS

fiona kitten

1. i’m pretty sure that the days of me dressing in color, like 5 different colors at once have come to a close.  black, white, camel & grey are my new go to’s.  stitchfix may or may not hate me for this.

2. o em g! these dessert nachos are everything.  i die for these sprinkles every single time!  the way they crunch is on top of ice cream makes me so happy!  i can only imagine that they get even better on nachos. am i the only on?!

3. i officially watch no tv other than food network. what has my life become?!

4. fiona is the cutest darn thing ever.  i make really cute kittens.  everyday when i get home from work all i wanna do is smush her face and kiss it. but shes a kitten and isn’t really a fan.

5. ikea hacks are totally owning my pinterest feed right now and honestly i’m not mad about it.  too bad our nearest ikea is 1.5 hours away :(. that’s probably a good thing because i’d be spending wayyy too much time recreating these 50 beautiful hacks!

6. i made pumpkin spice and caramel apple pudding shots for the annual brew fest we attend every year. uhhh they were amazing! rumchata is my new favorite!! just thought you’d like to know!

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