Wednesday Shares: Food Network is Owning my Life

neon diy
the beginnings of the last neon diy of the season (sad face)

1. the food network is like halloween central. i. can’t. stop. watching. chopped halloween style has me so sucked in.  you would think that after the episode in which eel butchering happened and blood was flying everywhere (which by the way, apparently eel blood is toxic if not cooked correctly), i would be throwing in the towel.  but, no!  i just keep going. how do i break away from this terrible addiction?!?

2. did you guys read my very first post for lemon thistle?! you better go do it. now. (diy faux marble clock post).

3. yes, i know its fall and yes, i know that as a blogger i’m supposed to using all the fall colors in literally everything i do.  but i really just needed one more neon fix. i’ll be sharing it here tomorrow!

4. i used coupons at michael’s this weekend. there, i said it. and i saved so much money and it felt so good! coupons are not my thing for so many reasons.  but mainly, i can never ever remember to pull them up on my phone in time to be scanned, so 9 times out of 10 i just give it up. any one have couponing tips for a newbie?!

5. um everything in target’s fall home decor line, has taken over my brain.  emily henderson just styled yet another target room and i’m dying over it and all of its contents! i need/want everything.

6. grocery shopping.  everyone’s least favorite thing in the whole world. this list is true in every single way!  i totally relate to number 1.  i choose the wrong line every time.  i feel so confident going in and then the other lines start moving faster and i realize i’ve made the wrong choice. grr.


happy wednesday!

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