Wednesday Shares: RUGS IN THE KITCHEN

rugs in the kitchen

1. you guys! i’m so excited!! wanna know why?!? beginning this friday i’ll be contributing to a killer blog, lemon thistle!  colleen is a serious diy-er and dreams up some of the best projects out there, seriously! so make sure to head over there on friday to check out my first guest post.Continue reading…    

The Secret to All Day Lasting Lipstick

the secret to all day lasting lipstick

i am not in any way at all a beauty blogger. let’s keep this a no judgement zone please!
if you guys knew my daily beauty routine, you would be totally and utterly embarrassed for me.  yah, its that bad.

but i’ve found myself in this new season of life where trying new stuff is sort of thrilling.   i know that for most of you, putting on some lipstick is really not new or thrilling.  i’m a burt’s bee’s girl through and through, so yes, fuchsia lipstick is a total risk for me and was quite exhilarating!Continue reading…    

Wednesdsay Shares: Oops its Sunday

bennington vermont

1. with no plan for last weekend’s spontaneous anniversary get-a-way, we decided it would be best to avoid the heat and the crowds, so we voyaged north and ended up in vermont.  our favorite of all 50 states.  we rock hunted, yes that’s a thing! if you don’t believe me just ask britton.  we went apple picking and taste tested nearly every single vermont cheddar.  it was perfection.

2. brit and i always talk about vising nyc more often.  not to sight see really, more like to eat.  i mean we’re only an hour and 20 minutes away from some of the greatest restaurants in the world and we should be taking full advantage of it!  i think we’ll start with pizza.  you can never lose with pizza.  clearly i’m beginning to lose sight of that paleo stuff.

3. there is a nearly constant battle at our house. and it has to do with extension cords. brit never seems to want to put them away and i can never seem to wrap them up properly.  until now, that is.

4. there are simply no words to describe how amazing these pancakes are going to taste whenever it is i get around to making them.  i vote that honey whipped cream be the only pancake topping allowed.

5. anyone have super fun plans for this weekend?  since we completely goofed off last weekend the plan for this weekend is to work basically non-stop on the bathroom.  a progress update coming soon!

7.  i can’t stop thinking about #2.  and pinot grigio. but can you blame me??

Wednesday Shares: I have a confession to make.

image via studio mcgee

1. we’re taking a quick trip to celebrate 1 year of wedded bliss this weekend. we have no idea where we’re going let alone a place to stay. its wednesday and we’ve planned to leave friday afternoon. at this point i vote we just start driving and see where we end up.  yeah, i like that plan.

2. i have a confession to make and i’m pretty sure brit is going to hate me for it.  i realllly (like really really) want to paint our cabinets.  that seems like a reasonable thing to want to do and pretty much the whole world is doing it, so it can’t be that torturous. but one thing, our cabinets are brand new, like less than a year installed brand new.  but i crave white. am i crazy here? or is this normal?

3. the garden is basically tapped out at this point. thank goodness because i really don’t know what more i can do with cucumbers that i haven’t already done. sunday evening was spent picking peppers and then slicing and freezing.  i am not joking when i tell you, my fingers are still burning.  getting contacts in out of my eyes has been a real treat, to say the least. wear gloves when handling peppers, trust me.

4. is it just me or does old navy have the best basics ever right now?  i bought way too many t-shirts last night.  oops.

5. we live right in the heart of a college town.  and college is very much back in session.  its the most entertaining thing in the world! dare i say, better than netflix? did i act like that when i was in college? unfortunately, most likely.

6. i need a she shed in my life.  this one is perfection.

INSTANT CURB APPEAL: Bold Front Door Color Trends

seriously, i still cannot get over how a few coats of paint made our entire front porch feel happier! if you missed that post, have a look here and see the transformation for yourself.
1 paint brush, 1 quart of paint and voila instant curb appeal!  the most difficult part was making sure a certain little kitten didn’t rub up against the wet paint!

you know me, before jumping into a project i like to do my homework first.  i scoured the web for color inspiration and even a little technique advice, just to be safe! but i think i’ve stumbled upon the next home trend!  and maybe its just because i’ve been searching painted front doors virtually every single day for the past 4 months on pinterest, but i swear, beautiful bold and bright doors are in my face everywhere!

and i just couldn’t not share!  so here are my 5 fave trending painted front doors!  each one lovely and perfect in their own way.

bold front door color trends Continue reading…