DIY Yarn Pom Poms

diy yarn pom poms
in case you live on another planet and didn’t already know, halloween is this saturday.  as in, 5 days from now.  and in good amanda fashion, i’ve once again failed to start the costume planning early!  but its all good because the most time consuming part of the costume took about 5 seconds. #winning!

have you noticed that i’m totally beating around the bush about revealing my halloween costume.  thats because i am! but don’t worry, i’ll be sharing it later in the week!

so for now lets get back to making these sweet little pompoms!

pompom diy

diy yarn pom poms
gahhh! yarn bonbons are a thing and i’m in love!  they’re just as cute as the real deal candy version but with out the need to restrain yourself from eating them. unless your a kitten named fiona!  for my costume i needed some bright fluorescent colors and these bonbons came in exactly what i needed! it was meant to be.

diy yarn pom pom supply list
your hand

1. gather the supplies.  yeah, all three of them!

2. begin wrapping your fingers (not too tightly) with the yarn. wrap around your fingers about 15-20 times or until you think there’s enough yarn to make the pom pom nice and full and fluffy!  for my pom poms i used 3 and 4 fingers so that there was a variation in sizes.  the more fingers the larger the pom pom!

3. carefully slide the yarn off your fingers.  this is why you don’t want to wrap too tightly, so that you can get the yarn off your hand!

4. cut a 4″ piece of yarn and use this to tie around the center of the wrapped yarn.  tie tightly!

5. now that “loops” have been created on each end of the yarn, use your scissors to cut the loops.  now the pom pom is taking shape!

6. all thats left to do is shape up the pom pom by trimming yarn pieces that too long. a little bit of fluffing and you’ve got yourself a pom pom!

diy yarn pom poms

diy yarn pom poms

diy yarn pom poms
i’m using these diy yarn pom poms for my halloween costume, but the possibilities are endless! i see these diy pom pom projects in my near future, like a yarn pom pom wreath, pom pom rug and this to die for pom pom accented throw blanket.

diy yarn pom poms

what are you guys going to create with your pom poms?! i would looOve to hear! see more sneak peaks of my costume on instagram and facebook before the big reveal later this week!

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