DIY Marbled Paper

diy shaving cream marbled paper
last week i was over on sharing a really fun and easy clock diy.  the project featured the prettiest marbled paper i’ve ever seen!
so it got me thinking…what about making my own marbled paper?! crazy right? well, it gets even crazier!

as i began to research (and by research, i mean scrolling through pinterest until my eyes bled) different paper marbling techniques i found something pretty darn intriguing. are you interested yet? it involves shaving cream and food coloring!  so not what you were thinking right?!? yea me either. and i was wayy wayyyy skeptical about it, but gave it a go anyway, because what do we have to loose here?! just a few cheap-o art supplies at the most.
diy shaving cream marbled paper
diy marbled paper supply list
1 can of shaving cream
food coloring
foil pan
painter’s tape
kabob stick (or something to marble the food coloring through the shaving cream)
plastic ruler
paper towels
card stock paper
garbage bag

diy shaving cream marbled paper

1. i always like to start with laying out all the supplies i need for a project so that everything is right there in front of me and also to avoid running through the house in search of a forgotten supply.  this step is really important for this project because you’ll need to move fairly quickly through some of the steps and will need things like your ruler and paper towels in easy access.

2. fill up the foil pan with enough shaving cream to cover the bottom.  i put about an inch thick layer in my pan, which was way more than enough and probably wasn’t necessary.

3. once the shaving cream is spread out in the foil pan you can choose your colors and begin dropping it on top of the shaving cream.  use quite a few drops!

4. next, use that kabob stick or butter knife or whatever you have on hand to start marbling the food coloring throughout the shaving cream.  depending on how much food coloring you used, you might want to add more if its looking a little light.

5. to the backside of the paper you’re using to add the marbling effect on, line the edges with painter’s tape.  this isn’t completely necessary, but its to keep the back edges of the paper nice and clean.  i started getting lazy as i went along marbling all the paper i could get my hands on and completely forgot about the painter’s tape step, but it really didn’t hinder the project at all. so this is totally optional.

6. the fun part! lay your paper nice and flat down onto the shaving cream and smush!  don’t smush too hard though.  just enough so that the shaving cream has totally grabbed onto the paper.

7. lift the paper nice and slow out of the shaving cream and place it on a garbage bag to avoid staining your work surface with food coloring.

8. this is where you need to work fairly quickly so that the paper doesn’t get overly saturated and wet with the shaving cream/food coloring.  take a straight edge (i used a plastic ruler) and working from one corner scrape away the shaving cream to expose your beautifully marbled paper!!

diy shaving cream marbled paper

diy shaving cream marbled paper

diy shaving cream marbled paper
you’ll want to allow the paper to completely dry before you decide how you’re going to use it, but once it does have fun with it!  i thought the paper turned out so gosh darn pretty i just decided to to hang it up on the wall as “artwork” creating frames out of washi tape.  the applications to this diy marbled paper are endless you guys! gift bags, wrapping paper, envelopes, business cards. clearly i could go on and on!

diy shaving cream marbled paper
what would you marble?! i’d love to hear your ideas!!

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