DIY: Gem Magnets

what?!? you guys don’t make gem magnets on a monday night?! well you should start!
i mean just look at them, so stinkin’ precious.  if magnets can be precious?

i toyed around with a few different ways to achieve the gem/faceted look for my gem magnets.  my first thought was cement poured into molds.  but who really wants to mess with cement or molds? not i. so trusty old school polymer clay it was!

i haven’t used polymer clay since i was about oh lets see age 9. the good old days of summer break and my trusty klutz book collection. in this case it was the, klutz book: the incredible clay. clay beads were all the rage back then and i would endlessly flip through the pages of that book even after having used up the polymer clay that came with it.  and now, here we are, 18 years later wishing i still had that book.  most likely my mom has it packed away somewhere! no doubt in my mind.

ok, so here are the deets:

diy gem magnet supply list
white oven-bake polymer clay (1 package)
round magnets

hot glue gun and hot glue gun sticks
acrylic craft paint
exact-o knife


1. divide the polymer clay and in the palm of your hand begin rolling them into small-ish balls.

2. smush down the clay so that you create a flat backside for the magnet to be mounted to.

3. once i smushed to create the flat backside, i went back and rounded out the front of the magnet so there was more shape and more to cut away to create the faceted look.

4. now for the nerve wracking part, cutting away the clay to reveal a gem stone!  it really wasn’t that nerve wracking, but i always get a little anxious when i’m about to complete a step in a project that can make or break the overall diy!  but remember, this is clay and its very forgiving.  carefully begin slicing down the sides of the clay shape with the exact-o knife on an angle.  if your clay is a little on the soft side like mine was, the cuts won’t be really nice and clean and you’ll just need to go back with your finger and gently smooth it all out.

5. looking more like a gem right?! okay so now, just cut across the top of the clay shape and also smooth out any imperfections.

6. read the package that your clay was wrapped in for baking instructions.  i baked my gems at 275 degrees for 30 mins.  bake time will depend on how thick your gems turned out.  allow the gems to cool for 4 hours or so.  mine cooled overnight just to be sure they were completely cured.

7. once the gems are cooled go ahead and glue the magnets on the back side of the gem!

8. paint!  i opted to paint my gem magnets, but you can certainly leave them as is or use colored clay.  its all up to you!



so who’s making gem magnets on monday night?!
have the best weekend ever lovelies!!  check in with me on facebook and instagram!


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