Wednesday Shares: Food Network is Owning my Life

neon diy
the beginnings of the last neon diy of the season (sad face)

1. the food network is like halloween central. i. can’t. stop. watching. chopped halloween style has me so sucked in.  you would think that after the episode in which eel butchering happened and blood was flying everywhere (which by the way, apparently eel blood is toxic if not cooked correctly), i would be throwing in the towel.  but, no!  i just keep going. how do i break away from this terrible addiction?!?

2. did you guys read my very first post for lemon thistle?! you better go do it. now. (diy faux marble clock post).

3. yes, i know its fall and yes, i know that as a blogger i’m supposed to using all the fall colors in literally everything i do.  but i really just needed one more neon fix. i’ll be sharing it here tomorrow!

4. i used coupons at michael’s this weekend. there, i said it. and i saved so much money and it felt so good! coupons are not my thing for so many reasons.  but mainly, i can never ever remember to pull them up on my phone in time to be scanned, so 9 times out of 10 i just give it up. any one have couponing tips for a newbie?!

5. um everything in target’s fall home decor line, has taken over my brain.  emily henderson just styled yet another target room and i’m dying over it and all of its contents! i need/want everything.

6. grocery shopping.  everyone’s least favorite thing in the whole world. this list is true in every single way!  i totally relate to number 1.  i choose the wrong line every time.  i feel so confident going in and then the other lines start moving faster and i realize i’ve made the wrong choice. grr.


happy wednesday!

Wednesdsay Shares: Oops its Sunday

bennington vermont

1. with no plan for last weekend’s spontaneous anniversary get-a-way, we decided it would be best to avoid the heat and the crowds, so we voyaged north and ended up in vermont.  our favorite of all 50 states.  we rock hunted, yes that’s a thing! if you don’t believe me just ask britton.  we went apple picking and taste tested nearly every single vermont cheddar.  it was perfection.

2. brit and i always talk about vising nyc more often.  not to sight see really, more like to eat.  i mean we’re only an hour and 20 minutes away from some of the greatest restaurants in the world and we should be taking full advantage of it!  i think we’ll start with pizza.  you can never lose with pizza.  clearly i’m beginning to lose sight of that paleo stuff.

3. there is a nearly constant battle at our house. and it has to do with extension cords. brit never seems to want to put them away and i can never seem to wrap them up properly.  until now, that is.

4. there are simply no words to describe how amazing these pancakes are going to taste whenever it is i get around to making them.  i vote that honey whipped cream be the only pancake topping allowed.

5. anyone have super fun plans for this weekend?  since we completely goofed off last weekend the plan for this weekend is to work basically non-stop on the bathroom.  a progress update coming soon!

7.  i can’t stop thinking about #2.  and pinot grigio. but can you blame me??

Wednesday Shares: DECORATING RUT

diy coat closet makeover
image via classy clutter

1. brit and i both almost suffered from panic attacks last night when we thought the episode of weeds we were watching was the series finale and realized we have nothing to replace it with! but it wasn’t. phew.

2. i know last week i was giving everyone a hard time about not rushing into fall and to snuff out those pumpkin spice candles.  but now fall has a hold on me and i want to buy all the boots. something slouchy in a pebbled black leather will do just fine! am i right?!

3. so we went from full on cumber season with no end in sight to mostly dead looking cucumber plants.  now it looks like we’re shifting to pepper season. peppers by the bag fulls!! thai peppers, jalepenos, habeneros and shishito peppers, oh my! and this thai chili sauce looks awesome!

4. since i already have my paint brush out from painting all the exterior doors of the house, i might as well get to painting the insides of our closets, right?! this closet makes my heart flutter, seriously.

5. so in 1.5 weeks, we will have been married for ONE year! what?! man that went by fast. we really want to go away for the weekend, but have no idea where to go. all i know is that i want/need the best massage of my life, a fully loaded carbed out meal (with dessert of course) and a big fluffy bed! suggestions!!

6. i’ve been in the worst decorating rut. all the focus has been on big projects that are sooooo time consuming. no time left for a little shelf styling or re-arranging, let alone making dinner and doing the laundry.



the sharing is caring blog post series!
the weekly post series where i share the neat-o stuff i find on the world wide web each week and some of my own weird random thoughts.

i’m constantly stumbling onto some of the most obscure, inspiring and fun things on the internet.  and since sharing is caring and i care about all of you, i’m sharing!

its going to be totally fun, i swear!

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lets be real here for a second. dads are really tough to buy for.
like really really tough.

if you’re tired of gifting dad the same fancy socks year in and year out, than look no further!
i’ve put together a few dad gadgets and must haves to help you thank dad for all those years of putting up with your nonsense.

fyi my personal fave is number 2!  not just for dad’s but for everyone, ever.

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