IMG_9808final i’m on yet another health kick.

but unlike the 50 (thats hardly an exaggeration) other health kicks i’ve been on, this one is sticking.
six weeks strong and 8 lbs. down (!) and here i am still standing (barely)!

i’ve got lunches down and dinner preparation has become a breeze, the only meal i really find myself struggling with to find non-mundane options for is breakfast.
i still stand by the notion that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and so i feel this strong need to make it really count.

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it has been wayyy too long since my last recipe post.
odd, because i’ve been cooking more & more than i ever have before.

in the beginning of my plan to cook more & hit up our fave local pub for wings less, i was slightly overwhelmed by the whole thing.
fighting the crowds at the grocery store, lugging the groceries up the stairs to our second floor apartment (that alone, is enough to make me opt for takeout) & prepping the endless amount of ingredients, had me searching for shortcuts.
most of the time those shortcuts equaled, grabbing pre prepared & prepped foods right off the shelf & making a dash for the checkout.
you know the things i’m talking about, all of our favorites (& guiltily, still some of mine) the hummus, the salad dressings, the pizza crusts & sauces galore.

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i know i haven’t been the best blogger (to be honest, i can’t even remember what my last post was bout about 🙁 ).
but great news! i’m back on board and i fully intend on being the best blogger i can possibly be moving into the year 2013.
i’ve got big plans and on how to bring quality content and more of it…
needless to say i’m pretty super stoked about it & i’m excited to see where it takes us.

with that all being said, i hope everyone had a lovely holiday and was able to get some relax time somewhere in between all of their diy-ing, entertaining & eating!

i’m all about relaxing & with today being sunday & all…Brit and i did our fare share of that.
i’m just getting over a cold & it seems as though brit has one coming on.
so we’re putting all our focus on vitamin c and green tea!
we’ve been eating countless amounts of clementines & popping those zicam’s like its nobody’s business!

but what to do with all those darn clementine peels?!
they just smell so lovely and i hate to throw them out.
not to fear!…i knew pinterest would have the answer!
i did a quick search and voila! came up with the most ingenious pin yet!

finished candle clementine candles 🙂

here’s how:

what you'll need all that’s needed is a clementine, paring knife, olive oil & lighter
no wicks, no wax!

1.  make a score all they way around the center of the clementine.
be sure not to cut into the flesh of the fruit, otherwise it makes a mess with puddles of clementine juice.

2.  after you’ve scored all the way around the clementine very carefully work the top & bottom peel off.
i did this by working my thumb underneath the skin going around the fruit until the entire top of the peel came off in one piece.

peeled 3.  do the same for the bottom of the clementine, making sure you pull out the center fuzzy piece along with the skin because this acts as the wick peeled 2 4.  step four is where the real skill comes in!
with you paring knife cut a medium size start in the center top of the top of the peel.
mine came out awful, but a simple circle or diamond shape will serve the same purpose on the  lid.

star top 5.  fill the bottom of the clementine peel with olive oil until it just reaches the brim (i made my clementine candle about an hour ago & its still burning!)

olive oil 6.  now its time to light!
be patient because it takes a little time for the “wick” to catch.  but i can assure you that it will!

done make sure you get lots of vitamin c this winter season to ward of those yucky colds!







If you don’t already know…Hurricane Sandy has made land fall!
For those of you living in the northeast part of the States you’re probably dreading the impending loss of power and being trapped in the house for the next couple of days.
But not to fear because I’ve been hurricane party planning all morning & I have lots of fun things to share!

Being stuck in side means you’ll be hungry!  So bake!
This morning I made the most delicious and moist pumpkin bars.  See the recipe on this super beautiful blog, Janae Monir.
Since I wasn’t able to get to the grocery store and its most likely closed at this point anyway, I had to imporvise on a few of the ingredients.  Thank goodness for buying all that halloween candy for our trick or treaters yesterday!

So after baking and shoving your face full of food the next logical thing you’ll want to be doing during your hurricane party is throw a few back!

Brit had a few work things to do this morning but has soon as he gets home we’re running out to the liquor store!  I printed off a recipe for, most naturally, hurricane mixed drinks.


1 1/2 oz dark rum
1 oz coconut rum
2 oz passion fruit juice
1 oz lime juice
1 oz pineapple juice
1 oz orange juice
1/2 tsp grenadine

But you can’t just drink your hurricane during a hurricane party you’ll need to spice it up with Hurricane Sandy drinking games!  And since our faces will probably be glued to the TV screen and more accurately The Weather Channel our drinking games incorporate that.

Let me introduce you to Hurricane Sandy Bingo!  Its super easy of course…just take a drink as you mark off Hurricane Sandy buzzwords on your bingo sheet!  I’m pretty sure this will make the time fly.

Print off your own bingo sheets by going here.

If you’re going to be stuck in the eye of the storm tell me how you’re going to pass the time!

Remember, follow me on Instagram (@amandabelanger) & Twitter (@thecornerofbrod) too my photos and updates of our Hurricane Party!


You seriously can!
I know you don’t know what I’m talking about…but you’re about to find out!

OMG…this stuff is amaaaazing!
Toasted, nutty, earthy…I can’t even really explain…you just need to try it.

So, backing up to a few months ago I saw this great post on Apartment Therapy.
The writer spoke of this tahini stuff & claimed that its the secret ingredient to all things delicious.
And so, I was intrigued.
Of course it took me about 3 months before I got around to buying the darn stuff and then actually finding the time to prepare it!
But I got the job done.
And like I said before…this stuff is amazing.

You’re most likely not familiar with tahini, so I’ll give you the run down..
Basically the stuff is a ground up sesame seed paste, almost like peanut butter but much thinner.
It hails from the middle east where it is mainly used in making hummus.

Oh and not only does it taste wonderful but its also wonderful for you!
Sesame seeds are jammed packed with great stuff like protein, fiber, vitamins & antioxidants.

So, this is what I made with the tahini…

Chickpea Burgers with Tahini Dressing

What you’ll need:
19 ounces canned chickpeas
4 scallions
1 egg
2 tbs flour
1 tbs oregano
1/2 tsp cumin

1/2 c. plain greek yogurt
1 tbs. parsley
2 tbs. tahini

What you’ll need to do:
Dice the scallions and combine them with the rinsed chickpeas, cumin, oregano, egg & flour into the food processor.

Process the mixture until its all nicely combined but still has texture to it.Form the processed mixture into 4 patties.

While you wait for the pan to heat the olive oil begin to make the tahini dressing.
combine the yogurt, parsley & tahini into a small bowl and set it aside until the burgers are done.

Sautee the chickpea burgers and serve them on whole wheat pitas slathered with the delicious tahini dressing!