DIY Yarn Pom Poms

diy yarn pom poms
in case you live on another planet and didn’t already know, halloween is this saturday.  as in, 5 days from now.  and in good amanda fashion, i’ve once again failed to start the costume planning early!  but its all good because the most time consuming part of the costume took about 5 seconds. #winning!

have you noticed that i’m totally beating around the bush about revealing my halloween costume.  thats because i am! but don’t worry, i’ll be sharing it later in the week!

so for now lets get back to making these sweet little pompoms!Continue reading…    

DIY: Gem Magnets

what?!? you guys don’t make gem magnets on a monday night?! well you should start!
i mean just look at them, so stinkin’ precious.  if magnets can be precious?

i toyed around with a few different ways to achieve the gem/faceted look for my gem magnets.  my first thought was cement poured into molds.  but who really wants to mess with cement or molds? not i. so trusty old school polymer clay it was!Continue reading…    

DIY Marbled Paper

diy shaving cream marbled paper
last week i was over on sharing a really fun and easy clock diy.  the project featured the prettiest marbled paper i’ve ever seen!
so it got me thinking…what about making my own marbled paper?! crazy right? well, it gets even crazier!

as i began to research (and by research, i mean scrolling through pinterest until my eyes bled) different paper marbling techniques i found something pretty darn intriguing. are you interested yet? it involves shaving cream and food coloring!  so not what you were thinking right?!? yea me either. and i was wayy wayyyy skeptical about it, but gave it a go anyway, because what do we have to loose here?! just a few cheap-o art supplies at the most.Continue reading…    


porch redo

i give you…our front porch.

we’ve done a decent amount of work on the interior of our house. of course there will always be more work to be done and the rooms will be ever evolving, but for the most part i’m feeling pretty good about it.

the issue now, is that the exterior of the house really isn’t jiving with the interior.  its just not us and it definitely doesn’t make the best of first impressions.
sure, we’ve done lots of yard work to sort of disguise the fact that we are in major need of a new roof and a complete porch overhaul, but i was in major need of some quick fix for curb appeal.

so i put together a little action plan of some small tasks that could easily get done and hopefully make a large impact.
here’s the plan stan…Continue reading…    


diy hanging rod

my parents have this bad habit of showing up for dinner with arm fulls of our stuff that we’ve been storing at their house for the past 5 years.
sometimes its things that we completely forgot we even owned and sometimes they bring things from our wedding that have been hiding in their shed since september, like this macrame curtain.Continue reading…