Wednesday Shares: IKEA HACKS

fiona kitten

1. i’m pretty sure that the days of me dressing in color, like 5 different colors at once have come to a close.  black, white, camel & grey are my new go to’s.  stitchfix may or may not hate me for this.

2. o em g! these dessert nachos are everything.  i die for these sprinkles every single time!  the way they crunch is on top of ice cream makes me so happy!  i can only imagine that they get even better on nachos. am i the only on?!Continue reading…    

Wednesday Shares: RUGS IN THE KITCHEN

rugs in the kitchen

1. you guys! i’m so excited!! wanna know why?!? beginning this friday i’ll be contributing to a killer blog, lemon thistle!  colleen is a serious diy-er and dreams up some of the best projects out there, seriously! so make sure to head over there on friday to check out my first guest post.Continue reading…    

Wednesday Shares: I have a confession to make.

image via studio mcgee

1. we’re taking a quick trip to celebrate 1 year of wedded bliss this weekend. we have no idea where we’re going let alone a place to stay. its wednesday and we’ve planned to leave friday afternoon. at this point i vote we just start driving and see where we end up.  yeah, i like that plan.

2. i have a confession to make and i’m pretty sure brit is going to hate me for it.  i realllly (like really really) want to paint our cabinets.  that seems like a reasonable thing to want to do and pretty much the whole world is doing it, so it can’t be that torturous. but one thing, our cabinets are brand new, like less than a year installed brand new.  but i crave white. am i crazy here? or is this normal?

3. the garden is basically tapped out at this point. thank goodness because i really don’t know what more i can do with cucumbers that i haven’t already done. sunday evening was spent picking peppers and then slicing and freezing.  i am not joking when i tell you, my fingers are still burning.  getting contacts in out of my eyes has been a real treat, to say the least. wear gloves when handling peppers, trust me.

4. is it just me or does old navy have the best basics ever right now?  i bought way too many t-shirts last night.  oops.

5. we live right in the heart of a college town.  and college is very much back in session.  its the most entertaining thing in the world! dare i say, better than netflix? did i act like that when i was in college? unfortunately, most likely.

6. i need a she shed in my life.  this one is perfection.

Wednesday Shares: DECORATING RUT

diy coat closet makeover
image via classy clutter

1. brit and i both almost suffered from panic attacks last night when we thought the episode of weeds we were watching was the series finale and realized we have nothing to replace it with! but it wasn’t. phew.

2. i know last week i was giving everyone a hard time about not rushing into fall and to snuff out those pumpkin spice candles.  but now fall has a hold on me and i want to buy all the boots. something slouchy in a pebbled black leather will do just fine! am i right?!

3. so we went from full on cumber season with no end in sight to mostly dead looking cucumber plants.  now it looks like we’re shifting to pepper season. peppers by the bag fulls!! thai peppers, jalepenos, habeneros and shishito peppers, oh my! and this thai chili sauce looks awesome!

4. since i already have my paint brush out from painting all the exterior doors of the house, i might as well get to painting the insides of our closets, right?! this closet makes my heart flutter, seriously.

5. so in 1.5 weeks, we will have been married for ONE year! what?! man that went by fast. we really want to go away for the weekend, but have no idea where to go. all i know is that i want/need the best massage of my life, a fully loaded carbed out meal (with dessert of course) and a big fluffy bed! suggestions!!

6. i’ve been in the worst decorating rut. all the focus has been on big projects that are sooooo time consuming. no time left for a little shelf styling or re-arranging, let alone making dinner and doing the laundry.

Wednesday Shares: BACK TO SCHOOL

diy accent rug
image via curbly

1. everything going on around the internet these days is all about back to school. and its seriously stressing me out!!  i mean i haven’t had to go “back to school” is years and yet i’m feeling anxious about it! and to top it all off everytime i step into target i feel the strong urge to buy all the notebooks. then i need to step away and tell myself i have absolutely no need for them.  this time of year is cray!Continue reading…