thanks for stopping by!   i’m amanda {belanger} detrick, a graphic designer, diy-er, fixer upper and wannabe chef.  i’m married to an incredible bearded hunk, britton detrick, who is my right hand man when it comes to making all my design dreams come to life.  together we’ve got two very lazy kitty cats finoa and pucilion.   we live in a real fixer (to say the least) in the heart of the pocono mountains where we are constantly figuring out ways to make our home ours without completely breaking the bank.

on the corner of brodhead began when we were living in our first apartment together which was situated on the corner of brodhead avenue. i was still in fashion school and brit was just getting his own business up and running.  needless to say, i was in much need of a project i was passionate about and would give me a creative outlet.  as this blog grows i’m so exited to see what journey it takes me on!

if you’re interested in partnering with on the corner of brodhead, please contact me here. i’m always looking for fun ways to collaborate.

xox -amanda